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join us back here at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, the trail of terror. new images and fresh details from the dramatic capture of the second suspect in the boston marathon bombings. the infrared censors that actually saw him inside that boat and the robot that helped force him out. tonight, we have the latest on the suspect's condition and when will he will be asked those urgent questions? what was his alleged motive, and was he part of a larger plot? plus, did the fbi miss a chance to stop the bombing when they questioned the other suspect, his older brother, two years ago? also tonight, in a city that's coming back to life after an extraordinary day on lockdown, the online efforts to reward the man who found the suspect in his boat. and at fenway park, the players joined by the runners and the first responders. ♪ sweet caroline
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>> boston is back. good evening. thanks for joining us on a very busy saturday night. on this day when a millions of bostonians emerged from their police-ordered hibernation, we are getting extraordinary new images from the capture of suspect number two. take a look at this shot from a state police helicopter, equipped with a thermal camera. that dark form right there in the back of the boat, that, police say, is 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. here it is from another angle. you can clearly see the suspect lying down in the back of the boat. look at this, the police send in a vook rigged with a robot arm to tear off the cover of the boat. tonight tsarnaev is being treated in the same hospital as many of the bombing victims themselves.
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we have team coverage from boston all the way to russia. we start with our chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. he's outside the hospital. brian? >> reporter: good evening. the headlines say the nightmare in boston is over. that's hardly the case for the investigation as the fbi now seeks the motive of the accused suspect and his dead brother. whether they were in league with others here or overseas. as police and federal agents closed in on the accused bomber last night, with a helicopter beaming back these remarkable thermal images of him hiding in a boat. >> we have movement in the boat. he just sat up. he is moving, and flailing about, quite a bit of movement. >> reporter: the orders went out to do everything to capture 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev alive. even after exchange of gunfire. >> all units, do not return fire. >> reporter: from the white house down, the priority now is to learn the motives of the two brothers who authorities say are responsible for the successful terror attack on the boston
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marathon. >> we will determine what happened. we will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had. >> reporter: tsarnaev was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. but once he's conscious a speshlt team plans to question him under what is known as the public safety exception. to remain silent, or to have a lawyer. in previous cases for a duration of about 50 minutes. >> there's a public safety exemption in cases of national security and acts of terrorism. and so the government has that opportunity. >> reporter: the dramatic events unfolded last night after authorities had lifted a lockdown on watertown, when the man who lives in this house, dave henneberry, was finally able to go outside, he spotted blood on his boat in the back driveway. according to his neighbor -- >> he started to open up the zipper, looked inside and he saw blood. then he looked and his deck has a box, the engine box is up above the deck.
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and he looked at what he thought was a body right behind the box. >> reporter: fbi and police s.w.a.t. teams stormed the area and began a two-hour standoff, with gunfire exchanged at one point. the helicopter beamed back those images showing the suspect in the boat. >> we have movement. >> reporter: a robot was sent in to rip the tarp off the top of the boat. >> if they're able to successfully rip that off, he'll be fully exposed. >> reporter: tsarnaev had been injured in a gunfight with police the night before and appeared weak and not wearing a suicide vest as had been feared. >> the hostage rescue team did work in trying to negotiate him out of that boat. >> reporter: and then it was over. >> the suspect's in custody. >> reporter: across the street, across boston, and across the nation, the cheers went up. tonight tsarnaev is here under
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guard at the beth israel medical center, according to the governor, in serious, stable condition, but still not able to communicate. >> so when he's able to communicate, police are going to have a limited period of time, maybe 50 minutes, to interview the suspect before they have to read him his rights. what are the key questions they're likely to ask? >> there's two key questions. are there others working with him? and are there other targets that still might be hit by others working with him? dan? >> huge questions still unanswered. brian thank you for leading our coverage all week. we thank you one against. now to the suspects, there are new details tonight about who they are, also new questions about what exactly the older brother did on a six-month trip to russia and why the fbi investigated him two years ago and then cleared him. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has been on that angle all day. pierre, good evening to you. >> good evening, dan. with the manhunt now over, the
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fbi is looking for a motive behind the bombings? was anyone else involved? where did they get that training? immigrants from the russian caucuses, the brothers came with their parents to the u.s. as children. seeking refugee status. they thrived attending top boston schools. older brother, tamerlan, 26, star athlete, golden glove boxer, pianist. younger brother dzhokhar, 19, had just become a u.s. citizen, ironically, on september 11th of last year. once a lifeguard, he was an all-state wrestler and college student. >> i certainly can't put it together that he was a person firing a weapon and potentially killing people. >> reporter: last night the fbi acknowledged it interviewed tamerlan in 2011 based on a tip from the russians. the russians said he was a radical islamist, preparing to leave the u.s., possibly for a trip to the caucuses. after looking into tamerlan's phone records, websites he visited and associates, the fbi found no ties to terrorists. by law, fbi officials said,
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monitoring had to stop, barring new negative information. >> too many people in this country, just like him, that are touching extremist websites, that are espousing things that aren't particularly kind to americans, but that's not against the law here. >> reporter: tamerlan's father said his sons couldn't have planned the attack, because they knew the fbi was watching them. but they apparently were not. and never knew that a dark side of the two brothers had begun to emerge. tamerlan was charged in cambridge with beating his former girlfriend. he started posting violent videos, urging jihad. on his youtube channel. and dzhokhar began writing bizarre tweets. "a decade in america already, i want out." authorities never saw this coming. tamerlan traveled to russia for six months last year. the fbi wants to know exactly who he saw and what he was doing, dan.
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>> let me get back to the fbi investigation into the older brother. you've been talking to the fbi all day. are they not expecting any sense of frustration or remorse over having missed what could have been a real opportunity here? >> they'll do a postmortem, which is normal in these cases, but they said they did what the lou and the constitution allows. >> pierre, thank you. and in order to dig deeper into the lives of these two young suspects, we sent kirit radia to a rough and remote area where the family comes from. here is what he found today. >> reporter: in a tearful phone call with abc news this evening, the mother of the suspected boston bombers said she and her husband planned to travel to the u.s. to see their young son captured friday night. she insists her sons were set up, and that her eldest son was investigated because he loved islam and didn't do anything bad. her comments feed the mystery over what happened to turn the two brothers into terrorists.
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dagestan is a poor and dangerous region in southern russia. home to islamic militant uprising. but friends and family say the parents rejected islamic fundamentalism. e wasn't too religious, this neighbor it is about the father. there was no fanaticism. but it was just a year ago on a trip here, that the older son setoff alarm bells amongst the family. abc news has learned that his uncle kicked him out of the house, upset about his increasingly extremist views. the village where the mother's family lived, we searched for clues about the brothers. few were willing to talk. but in her call with abc news, the mother said, i don't know how to live with this. kirit radia, abc news, dagestan. >> the view from russia tonight. and today, president obama held a meeting in the situation room to get an update on the investigation. the heads of the fbi and cia were there, among others. which leads us to abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. martha, thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. let's talk about the older
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brother's trip to russia. we know there are islamic militants in this part of russia, but do these people have any history of attacking america? >> not the chechens. they have no history of attacking the america. what investigators will want to find out is whether he went to some sort of training camp, some radical training camp that did have a beef with america. who funded him, if he had any sort of extra funding. did he learn how to build those bombs there, or did he build them on the internet? that's what they'll be looking at and they will interview everybody they possibly can to see where those dark months led. >> if they rule out some sort of foreign plot, and that's a big if at this point, it would make these two brothers, assuming they're proven to be guilty, it would make them lone wolves, which as i understand it, has been keeping up national security officials in the middle of the night for years now. >> yes, because if you have one lone wolf, who they believe probably convinced his brother to be another one, then you don't know where the rest of them are.
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what will inspire them, how they might get radicalized. that's a nightmare scenario. >> thank you, martha. i want to switch gears back to boston, a city that america fell in love with this week. the heroism, the stoicism, community spirit and all of that expressed with that unmistakable accent, a mixture of vinegar and molasses. and as boston emerged from the extraordinary police lockdown, abc's newest anchor byron pitts was out in the middle of it all. >> reporter: in a city so passionate about its baseball teams, sports are the therapy today. >> hotdogs, sausages! >> reporter: here even a hotdog felt like a hug. >> celebrating with sausages. i feel like i'm breathing. i just feel like we haven't been breathing all week. >> reporter: since friday night's game was canceled for security reasons, the emotions ran even deeper this afternoon. >> we didn't think twice about coming. >> fenway park is a special place.
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in the hearts and minds of people of boston, the people of new england, this is a civic cathedral. >> reporter: from the ballpark to the heart of downtown, boston was transformed today. life returned to a city that was on lockdown friday. the policemanhunt was unprecedented. so, too, the collective sigh the city took inside fenway. ♪ the emotional pregame ceremony honored the first responders, survivors, and victims of monday's attack. and the whole stadium sang the star spangled banner. ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light >> i bring love from the whole country. >> reporter: even neil diamond showed up to sing his signature song. this week it became america's song. ♪ sweet caroline good times never seemed so good ♪
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>> so good, so good, so good! >> reporter: there's also been plenty of commerce today. that's important because friday's shutdown really cost this city money. today, money and goodwill have been flowing all day long. dan? >> yes, they were, byron pitts, thank you, and again, welcome to abc news. boston, as we said, is back. coming up here on "world news" on this saturday night, two disasters in one week, one in boston, and one in west, texas. separated by 1,900 miles, but connected by this man. our cecilia vega with this man's amazing, one in a million story. also tonight, the online campaign on behalf of a man whose boat was shot up in the capture of that suspected marathon bomber. the man who led police to their suspect may be getting a very big thank-you gift.
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5:47 pm
connected by this man. our cecilia vega with this man's tonight, for the first time, we're getting a close-up look at ground zero of the blast that leveled an entire neighborhood. the death toll is now at 14, with close to 200 injured. experts tell us the odds of having two disasters like texas and boston in the same week, are one in every 4,800 years. so what, then, are the odds of one man being an eyewitness to both? here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: joe berti finished the boston marathon in three hours and 56 minutes flat. and then minutes later, this. [ blast ] >> i heard the explosion and it was loud. so i turned around and saw the smoke coming from the finish line. so at that instant i just felt like, it was a bomb. >> you thought right away it was a bomb? >> absolutely. because of how loud it was and where it was. literally seconds later, the second bomb exploded. >> reporter: berti's wife amy was just ten yards away from the explosion. a woman standing next to her lost a leg. but amy was fine. two days later, back home in texas, berti was driving from a meeting. he saw a huge fire raging in the distance and then a familiar sound.
5:48 pm
the blast from the exploded fertilizer plant in west, texas, so strong it rocked berti's car. >> i was trying to figure out what it was, was it a terrorist attack? did someone drop a bomb on us? the size of it was just incredible. >> reporter: are you thinking, what? again? >> yeah, i was just thinking i can't believe this is ing. >> reporter: maybe it was luck, perhaps fate. berti has another way of looking at it. >> i feel blessed. you know, my wife was ten yards from a major explosion. and hundreds of people around her are critically injured, and she doesn't even have a scratch on her. i was 30 seconds to the finish line and uninjured. so we both feel blessed. >> reporter: two explosions in one week, it sounds pretty unlucky. joe berti walked away without a scratch, and those, dan, are some pretty good odds. >> indeed they are. we're glad they're both okay. thank you for that story. coming up here on the broadcast, the desperate flood fears along the mississippi, and
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a late season avalanche in the colorado rockies took a deadly toll. five snowboarders lost their lives near the loveland pass. one person was pulled out alive. the of group was in the back country and we have more. >> it was the deadliest avalanche in 50 years. six snowboarders trapped under month than eight feet of snow and loveland pass 60 miles west of denver. local sheriff says the group ventured into an out of bounds area. one snowboarder found alive, the bodies of the others recovered. nearly 20 people have been killed across the country this year. >> very different kind of natural disaster, deadly flooding in the midwest. states of emergency and disaster declarations in at least half a dozen states now and alilex per has the latest. >> reporter: mother nature's
5:53 pm
wrath across the midwest has been unrelenting. near indianapolis today one man is dead, another missing, after their cars were swept away by floodwaters. in zionsville, indiana, flooded homeowners are battling to get the water out -- >> it's in our kitchen, dining room, and going up through the rest of the house. >> reporter: heavy rain has hammered the heartland all week. many forced to evacuate their homes. in river grove, illinois, canoes replaced cars. parts of illinois saw a record eight inches of rain on thursday, completely submerging parts of chicago. here at this city park, there's so much water, you can't tell where the pool ends, or where the park begins. sandbag after sandbag, entire communities are working to keep the water out. but with the mississippi and at least 17 other rivers at or near flood levels, this fight is far from over. alex perez, abc news, chicago. and up next here on "world news," there could be a very big
5:54 pm
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finally tonight, a new folk hero has emerged out of boston's terrible week. his name is dave henneberry. he's the guy who found the suspect in his boat in his backyard. tonight, the internet is conspiring to send mr. henneberry a giant thank-you gift. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it's the now-famous little boat that kept a big secret, the unlikely hideout for america's most wanted man. and this is the boat's owner, david henneberry, a man now called a hero for finding the suspected marathon bomber last night and calling 911. watertown's chief of police sets the scene. what happened when your officers arrived? >> there was a shootout in the beginning. >> reporter: that shootout so damaged the boat, henneberry's neighbor said -- >> he's completely shocked and he says, my poor boat, my poor boat. i mean, he's taken care of that boat meticulously since he's had
5:58 pm
it and now it's full of holes. >> reporter: now a digital show of support, people from all over the nation are turning to social media sites like facebook, raising money to buy henneberry a new boat. even the chief is hearing about this call to action. >> i got an e-mail this morning, some person in detroit, michigan, who wants to replace the boat for the watertown resident that got shot up. i mean, it's just incredible. >> reporter: incredible because it was henneberry's quick thinking to call police that turned a community's terror into a sigh of relief. gio benitez, abc news, watertown, massachusetts. >> and we hope he gets a new boat. that will do it for "world news" on this saturday night. for david muir and everybody here at abc news, i'm dan harris. thank you for watching and i'll see you right back here tomorrow morning on "gma."
5:59 pm
a stunning new images. what it took to take down a terrorist. >> boston comes back to life now that the second bombing suspect has been captured. i'm ama daetz in boston with the story. >> security at bay area sporting eventsle what is being done to protect you. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. ♪ sweet caroline ♪ woo woo woo >> a stro of strength for boston today at fenway park as the city and nation recover from a terrorist attack. and tonight we're learning more about how authorities caught the second suspect hiding for hours in a boat. i'm on to ama daetz. ama daetz is live in boston tonight where the city is slowly
6:00 pm
recovering. >> ama: we're back by boylston street today, where is there a memorial that has been there for days now, and on this saturday, it as if boston is saying, we're back, after the second suspect has been captured. [cheering] >> you can feel the energy in boston as the city comes alive one day after law enforcement captured the second marathon bombing suspect. >> all united to get this one idiot, whatever, to cause this much problems between these people on a special day that all countries are united. so i'm glad they got this guy. >> at fenway park the red sox game began with a moment to honor the victims of the bombings. >> won't you join us as we observe a moment of silence. >> this first home game since monday's bombings was a special one. >> had a big

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